2012’s Top 3 Cloud Trends

It has been fascinating past five years for innovations and evolution of Cloud Computing.  The old methods of virtualizations and outsourcing and network optimization packaged and delivered as mature Cloud offerings are reaching new heights. Cloud Computing certainly is NOT in its infancy if anyone was mistaken.

2012 promises to be an exciting year with continued maturity and evolution when it comes to Cloud Computing.Here’s a peek into the Cloud Computing world as we list the 2012’s Top 3 Cloud Trends:

Hybrid Clouds
Hybrid clouds have been named “a major focus for 2012”. Hybrid clouds combine two or more clouds (private and public clouds)and incorporate the benefits from each of them. Thanks to this feature, they offer better recovery, data security and flexibility and help in making cloud computing more accessible. By getting the best of both worlds, you can now have access to hosted services and applications from cloud hosting providers and also maintain some level of privacy at the same time.

So if you thought private clouds were complicated, brace yourself because hybrid cloud is here to stay and looks like we could see more innovation on this front in 2012!

Mobile Cloud Computing
With Cloud Email, Cloud Mobile Desktop, Cloud Print and many such mobile applications, we can finally say that cloud computing has reached firmly been coupled with mobile devices now. Due to this, companies can share applications without spending much on hardware and software resources. Moreover due to the rising popularity of all things mobile, cloud computing coupled with mobility will be making a huge impact on the enterprise and consumer technology domains.

According to the Mobile Cloud Computing Industry Outlook Report (2011 – 2016), it is believed that the size of the mobile cloud market is said to reach over $45 billion by 2016.

 Cloud Security
With Mobility and Hybrid complexity driving Clouds in near term, the fundamental emphasis on cloud security must be further enhanced as the markets are maturing. According to a study carried out by the Radicati Group, it is said that cloud security services will double in the next four years. Companies are becoming more cautious and are leaving no stone unturned in securing their cloud data and this introduces more and more vendors into the market who are helping companies secure their data.

In addition to all these new trends, we’re sure 2012 will offer a lot more to add to Cloud Computing! Let’s make the most of it and look forward to our thoughts on how to govern and manage these technologies in our future Blog on Top 3 Governance trends in 2012!









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