How is Cloud Computing vital for CIO’s career path?

A recent research reveals that cloud computing is shifting the focus of the role of CIOs from primarily technology onto vital business services, and increasing their chances of promotion to CEO.

A recent survey showed that 70% of the 615 respondents that were surveyed said that they felt “ideally positioned” to move to the CEO role as cloud computing allows them to spend more time on innovation, business strategy and driving business effectiveness.

Cloud computing is revolutionizing business and is giving rise to a leader who uses the cloud to innovate, increase speed to market and reduce costs in providing strategic business services.

The reason why only a few current CIOs have successfully made the transition to the CEO role is because many still view the CIO role as a technical role. The role of a CIO is no longer only about technology. It is gradually evolving from a traditional technological role to being more business focused.

CEOs and CIOs share the same skill-set, particularly in terms of managing budgets, new projects and communicating their plans and strategies with internal and external stakeholders.

The role of the CIO is becoming increasingly important within the organization. Cloud computing seems to be having a positive impact on today’s CIO and is giving rise to a new breed of business savvy technology leaders.









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