Sunshine of TRUST

There was a recent study that claimed to have figured a way that could create a more virtuous society. The decade long research suggested why some people give freely of themselves while others are cold-hearted louts, why some people cheat and steal while others you can trust with your life, why women tend to be nicer and more generous than men. There is a chemical substance, more like a chemical elixir that creates bonds of trust not just in our personal relationships but also in our business dealings, in politics and in society at large. Can it be that a single molecule—one chemical substance—lie at the very center of our moral lives?

All this might very well be true but you must be thinking, what does this have to do with a technology blog? How can you compare this study with Governance, Risk and Compliance? If you think about it, this concept of the “Trust Molecule” ties in very well with what we do. The concept of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) holds a lot of value in the technology field no doubt, but it’s just as important in Business. I see two primary themes that enable an organization to clearly define its principles and goals, determine how it will address risks and uncertainties, and grow and protect value. The first being an inter- relationship between Governance, Risk and Compliance and the other a coming together or converging of GRC. Too often, organizations have multiple groups which are responsible for the various functions and processes involved in GRC but these groups operate only within their box and don’t share information, plus they have a multiplicity of frameworks and systems. This leads to inefficiency and a failure to get a clear view of organizational risk levels.

Here is where we come in. Our Company mission says it all -“Democratizing the Business of Governance.” Every aspect of our Governance as a Service™ is designed to make it easier for businesses to implement an Effective Governance, Risk and Security Compliance system to provide clear
transparency with easiest non-technical operation enabling truly “Confident Governance ®. We bring the “Sunshine of Trust to the Cloud”.









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