has a Special 50% off Discount for New Customers of DreamForce 2012

We are very excited to announce that as part of our mission to enable better collaboration amongst enterprises and to allow secure and trusted flow of information between individuals, we are offering a limited time only 50% Discount from the list price for all new customers of Dreamforce 2012.

“This is a DREAM event for all the Cloud Computing eco-system globally annually.  This year we have another reason to be excited and that is the discount offering for SecureChatter™ for registrations in September and October 2012” says Amishi B. Bhagat, Director, Confidence Governance.

Our SecureChatter™ product allows you to enhance overall Governance of free collaboration, enable Secure and trusted communication between employees in most collaborative cloud environment, and manage regulatory compliance. It also prevents unacceptable content, files and links from creeping into your Salesforce Chatter environments. patent pending products are listed on the biggest Cloud Computing commercial App market for business on AppExchange and can be found at and and

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