The Wild West of Governance in Social Media

It is quite uncanny to wake up to a subject line that reads “Your account password has been reset” when you’re sure you were not the one to do so!  A few days back, a lot of people received a mail from a popular micro blogging site saying the same.

The site announced that it had reset the passwords of larger number of accounts than they thought were compromised and apologized for the same.

A similar issue was seen in the case of another social media management site which occurred due to the integration of two accounts. Due to the technical issue, around 1000 emails that were intended for new users were sent out repeatedly and in some cases, the user’s email addresses were also exposed in the message headers.

The security and governance issues that revolve around cloud computing are not very different from those that surround social media sites or any sort of IT outsourcing. The recent Twitter hack raised a lot of questions regarding cloud computing where data is stored on servers accessed on the Web.

This gets us to the need for tight security and governance regulations concerning data. While security leaders continue to raise concerns about data security and regulatory risks, it is safe to say that the cloud is here to stay and governance, risk and compliance are imminent parts of cloud computing which cannot be ignored.

We at Confident Governance have the perfect tools that would ensure regulatory governance and risk management as we truly believe that – Good Governance is Good Business!

I recently co-authored a study that talks about these very same things. This Cloud Marketing Maturity Study will shed some light on security issues and concerns within the cloud. To know more, visit –

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