Introducing ConfidentNOW! A FREE series of Webinars from leading Experts in Cloud Governance

We all have busy schedules where we are trying to multi-task everything as quick as possible and where time commitment is very hard to get or give, we have designed a series of knowledge sharing webinars to be brief and to the point. In less than 45 minutes you’ll get to hear from global experts on key topics of the day such as Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Social and Open legacy systems. Best practices and the information you need to make Governance, Security and Risk management more stress free, business users more empowered and your company more agile and focused on growth rather than just complying and blocking the risks.

Our Latest launch of a NEW Webinar Series starting this December is completely FREE and will provide the latest trends and information about the Cloud. We are kicking off our first Webinar, “Cloud 101- A Primer for Busy Executives” on December 6th, 2012 at 11.00 am EST.

Our distinguished Speaker, Dr. Ken Stavinoha, an accomplished Senior Strategic Information Technology Security specialist with experience in Risk Management, Privacy, Compliance, Research, Engineering and Managementwill be discussing Cloud in basic terms that can also be understood by people without a technical background.Touching upon the emerging trends and challenges that need to be tackled and how Cloud can be used for growth possibilities in today’s business. Dr. Stavinoha who is with Cisco Systems brings in deep expertise and knowledge that he has got through his long associations with ISACA, NIST and various others organizations where he worked closely on Cloud Computing Programs.

I will be the Moderator for our inaugural launch that promises to give you a live demonstration of the information you need, to make integration more stress free, business users more empowered and your company more agile and innovative.

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