What Makes a Good Leader

“Leadership is like beauty; it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it” – Warren Bennis.

Leadership is a process by which an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Leadership is not merely about making tough decisions but about inspiring people. It is about resolving paradoxes and crises in the absence of clear knowledge on where to draw the line. A good leader inspires a shared vision, encourages others, invents new strategies and focuses on his/her followers’ needs. Effective leadership plays a pivotal role for the smooth functioning of any company.

So what makes a good leader?

Leaders should be open to change. In rapidly changing times, leaders should have the capability to take action and adapt to change quickly. Today’s world demands survival of the fittest. The ones that embrace change will survive. Hence leaders must identify new opportunities and take the necessary actions in order to thrive.

Another important trait is the willingness to take risks. Risk taking is an important element of leadership. Leaders should never develop a ‘comfort zone’ because that is what stalls their ability to take risks. Risk taking does not require people to take unimaginable risks but simply challenging what is and thinking of more possibilities.

Mistakes are an inevitable part of everyone’s lives. It is alright to commit a mistake but what is important is to accept your mistake. A true leader will never have qualms about admitting his mistake. There is no room for ego when it comes to successful leadership.

Last but not the least is encouraging your subordinates and appreciating them whenever need be. A good leader will always give constructive criticism and helpful advice at the right times. Leaders should be able to create a comfortable relationship with their subordinates. They should be patient and take time out to get to know them well.









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