Are You “Smart” Enough

Technology is slowly invading our lives and taking over every aspect. Currently, spearheading this are the homes of the future – smart homes. “Smart” homes are going to make our lives more convenient than ever. However, while enjoying the perks of living in a smart home, there will also be a lot of questions raised about privacy.

Smart homes utilize the best technological innovations such as advanced automatic systems for lighting, temperature control, multi-media, security, window and door operations and many other functions in order to make your living experience more comfortable and convenient.

At the face of it, though everything looks hunky-dory, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Along with the convenience they bring, smart homes are a storehouse of detailed information about the house and its members.

The fact that all that happens behind closed doors were considered to be “private” all this while will suddenly be made available to the outside world through the Internet. So, how much of privacy are people willing to trade off for convenience?

In this deeply wired world, privacy concerns ought to be given utmost importance. It is essential to effectively govern and provide a certain degree of transparency that is required for good governance. People should become more cautious and should strive to secure their data wherever need be.

There is a need for tight security and governance regulations concerning data and governance, risk and compliance are no doubt imminent parts of any business which cannot be ignored.

We at Confident Governance have the perfect tools that would ensure regulatory governance and risk management as we truly believe that – Good Governance is Good Business!









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