Tightening Your Security: Now more than ever

Currently the “hot” news making rounds is of the Chinese hackers targeting USA once again after a 3 month hiatus.

Security experts say that China houses a number of hackers and that they are the ones responsible for a   number of global attacks made to steal credit card numbers and commit corporate spying. China’s hacking campaign mostly targets U.S. media organizations to steal vast amounts of intellectual property for financial gain.

In 2010, Chinese hackers got their hands on a special database within Google’s systems that had the information of the user accounts that have been flagged by the FBI or court orders for investigation. Around the same time, they also tried to break into a similar database on Microsoft’s servers.

There’s a lot of confusion regarding the exact intentions of the hackers but experts say that their goal was to figure out which Chinese agents had come under U.S. investigation.

With 380 million Web users in China and an active online gaming market, Chinese youth are bound to be experts at hacking. Tracing hackers is a tough job which is why saying who is exactly behind a specific attack and from where they operate remains gets very difficult.

In February, U.S.-based cyber-security firm accused a secret Chinese military unit of years of cyber-attacks against more than 140 companies, a majority of them American.

These hackers stole product blueprints, manufacturing plans, clinical trial results, pricing documents, negotiation strategies and other proprietary information from more than 100 companies mainly in the United States.

In a world, where hacking has become so wide spread and frequent, companies need to tighten their security norms and guard their databases before it gets too late.









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