When Impossible becomes “ I am Possible”

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

What do the words Inspiration, Motivation, Awakening, Enthusiasm & Stimulation stand for? They all are synonyms for that one vision of converting the impossible into reality. To achieve what you never thought you could and proving it to everyone that despite the challenges you can find success. Yes I am talking about PRERNA, A National Level Social Event, initiated with a vision of converting into reality those feats which were perceived by the society as impossibilities. “Nil desperado — Never Despair was the motto”. It is a subtle way of reckoning differently abled to nurture their calibers and account a triumph over their hardships. Yes, I am talking about the Physically Challenged. PRERNA itself stands for inspiration, of thousands of hearts nationwide, rather not just an inspiration but an epitome of struggle, courage, humanity and talent.

We were the proud sponsors of a Photography competition where the contestants armed with their Nikons and Cannons, took pictures of their inspiration during the 2 day event. My entire team from Confident Governance showed their whole hearted support by their presence and was touched to see their enthusiasm, their capabilities and their positive attitude towards their life. Our Philanthropic model of 1:1:1 model where 1% of employee’s time, 1% of product, 1% of our revenue is to be donated to society. Our company has given the opportunity to see the world through different eyes. We are proud of the model and pledge to continue to help the society.
Hereby I thank whole team of PRERNA that they have been to touch lives of a common man and led their heads bow down to these SHINING STARS, whom the society treats as BURDEN. I would say that we should learn from these children “HOW TO LIVE LIFE SUCCESSFULLY”









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