Did You Make The Transition Yet?

No more sitting on the fence. It is time to transition from Software as a product to Software as  a  Service with Cloud. It’s no business secret anymore that cloud computing is the way forward.  Already the big corporate brands have shifted their marketing strategies and are trying to ride the Cloud wave where they have migrated their entire Software as a Product model to Software as a Service model.

The beauty of Clouds lies in the paradigm shift opportunities they offer to companies to operate in new age markets where connectivity is the cardinal requirement. Consumers want to be connected with their data ALL THE TIME; through their phones, laptops or PCs. Clouds thus enables companies to shift gears from Software as a Product model to SaaS models where subscriptions replaces licences, where ‘logging in’ replaces ‘installations’ where ‘Auto Fills’ replace ‘Control+ S’. Going to clouds enables consumers and companies to leverage the power of browsers with all their features along with decreasing the go to market price as well as license acquisition costs. In a nutshell it’s a win-win.

That’s exactly what we at Confident Governance are also striving to achieve for companies. Through our apps available for download on APPEXCHANGE, we are trying to activate a world of customer centric businesses, where customer focus runs in the DNA of a set up. From Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter, Monitoring, Compliance, Archiving, E-Discovery to Sustainable Cloud Governance Risk Compliance Audits, we are striving with the FORCE team to deliver products and services that help you connect with your customers in a way more secure and robust set up and where data privacy issues are things of past.

For more information on our Products and Services, visit us on www.ConfidentGovernance.com

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