Change is the only constant. Say Hello to Version 2.4

Constant change for improvements is one thing that businesses strive for. Change brings in new perspectives, new approaches, new attitudes, and new prospects. Take for example Salesforce1. With an improved interface and user friendliness, Salesforce1 announced right after Dream force conference, which itself deserves special write ups, is another change that the cloud professionals were waiting for.

So how can Confident Governance be behind?

Making our services and products accessible everywhere and convenient has been one of the driving philosophy in our design approach. Every time Confident Governance senses an avenue to simplify the application and implementation of its products, it goes that extra step and delivers. Lately there have been few things riding on our mind: how to amplify and enrich user experience and intuitiveness.

Our teams have been busy cracking the code that enables businesses adopt Governance as easily as installing an app on one’s phone. Our endeavour has been to deliver a user experience that dwells on intuitiveness and ensures that just the right information is available on a single tap.

So, would you be happy to know that we have moved a step closer?

Update 2.4

While in previous versions and other platforms, you had to look for modules in the list; not to mention those bugging accidental taps, with the recent update ‘search’ has been put to rest. Now with a sleeker and more intuitive menu, you see all the modules on the first look. Simply tap away and voila, you see exactly what you wanted to.

Add to it availability of training material for the platform right there and you get all the required information on the same screen. We have also updated the filing system. It’s more flexible and robust.

You say what’s new there?

Before you realise, the updated version takes you through relevant FAQ’s that enables you to know exactly what the module does. So don’t worry about figuring out what modules such as risk, rules, surveys, governance, IT governance, and Master data mean. Just tap and there you have, the FAQs to hand hold you.

Did you say, text is boring? No worries, there are flow charts as well that enable you to explore and understand the module better.

reports and dashboards

Didn’t we say customer experience is the driving philosophy?

Who needs to Dial anymore, an exhaustive Help Menu Genie is right there!

We understand chasing customer service, at times, can be a task in itself and given the tight deadlines GRC professionals operate in, that could be counter-productive. This is where we have taken a leap step and worked on an in-detail Help menu.

So go and self serve!

Catch the Risk on the map, literally!

geo 12

With Geo Spatial Location update, risk now has a geographic locator.  This includes original and interpreted geospatial data, such as those derived through remote sensing including, but not limited to, images and raster data sets, aerial photographs, and other forms of geospatial data or data sets in both digitized and non-digitized forms. Geospatial location will help you to have birds view on the locations where the relevant organizational risk is set. Zoom In and out directly to the location defined in the corporate hierarchy. Navigate to the street view of the Google map to have a closer look at the location now that is what we call a “Geo-spatial Location”.

Let’s Make DATA a COLORFUL place

heatmap 13

Heat Maps enables you spot alerts on the fly. No need to crunch data. Preset color codes and there you are. Just a glance on the graph and you know where the risks lie and where things are doing great.  With Heat Maps, find out the “RED” and “GREEN” zone for governance success.

We Said a Bulked-Up Menu, and NO we didn’t mean ‘No Support’

support 14

In fact you have multiple options to reach us for support.

  • Online Help
  • Help feedback (area at the bottom of a Support page through which you can provide feedback)
  • Help Experience Improvement Program

Looking for inspiration? Don’t forget to watch the webisode of DreamForce conference, right here:

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