Happy 2014: Spend Time, Love and Sweat on things that you love!

Happy 2014…”Spend Time, Spend Love and Spend Sweat” on things that matter most to you…those three parameters are under your control…everything else will follow.

As we wrap up a wonderful year and I write my annual last blog of the year.  This year it’s what my seven-year old mentioned to me this week over Holidays which will resonate with me forever.   While we all have major goals and achievements to focus in life many times they overshadow smaller but even more important things that matter most.

I asked my son, what matters to him most this Holiday season and he said “Spend Time, Spend Love and Spend Sweat instead of Money”   Now I have no clue how he got this wise at seven, maybe it was our decision to adopt a family for Christmas gifts this year I am not sure but that one line gave me a lot to think about.  I certainly realized that more than I can teach my seven and eight year old kids they are my best teachers.  On pondering further on his suggestion I mused what this means for me in my profession as a Technology Entrepreneur and as a Governance and Risk Management professional;

Spend Time – With the people who matter most to you.  It’s different for everyone but for me certainly it is the children who define now why I am excited to create new companies and innovate new things in life.   At a subtle level this also means to become an even better Listener to our customers and to our family and friends.  Spending time and listening will allow new ideas to flow.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Spend Love – It’s the only Free thing in life of which we have infinite supply and my mission is to follow that path that we love most in personal and professional lives.  With this ingredient of infinite passion we can create new ideas for our customers, family and friends – people who matter most to us.  It is without an iota of doubt that as a CEO our Customers are indeed the most beloved professionally to me and our companies Confident Governance and EnCrisp since they have chosen to bestow upon them their most valuable asset  – Trust.

Spend Sweat – When you spend time and listen carefully and when you are genuine about creating new ideas and new improvements in business and life then the only thing that matters is working Hard and that is the easiest thing if we can achieve the first two somehow.   No force on earth can defy incessant hard work which is backed by genuine love for something coupled with time and patience of perseverance.

What my son taught me this Holiday season I will never forget as a CEO,  Entrepreneur, Musician and most importantly as a DAD.  I wish you a really Fantastic 2014 and wish that you never lose sight of your smaller things in life that matter most.  .


Bhavesh Bhagat

Lifetime Student of my Seven and Eight year old kids.

  1 comment for “Happy 2014: Spend Time, Love and Sweat on things that you love!

  1. Datta
    January 2, 2014 at 3:12 am

    Very True.and Touchy.Thanks for sharing with us. Datta Mehta


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