Emerging Technologies @ CES 2014 – exciting for Consumers yet Challenging for Risk Practitioners…

Each year there are trade shows around the world that showcase new Technologies and new Innovations that will blow your mind away. Each year we get to see amazing gadgets and cool products. There are some that never go beyond the prototypes but then again there are some that end up flooding the shelves for consumers like us to use and enjoy. And as the world becomes increasingly connected, Cyber Security grows as a societal concern.

When Internet of things pose a big Security Risk

The connected cars that communicate with one another, baby clothing which monitors an infant’s breathing, wearable computers, sports gear with embedded sensors, smart refrigerators,  smart phones that make payments, machines that advise of maintenance needs are just some of the few things that are either a part of our life already or are about to be. It is time to consider if and how your next generation product, one that will enter into a society even more connected than today, should be protected. Governments and businesses spend $1 Trillion a year on security solutions and yet there is still much work to be done. All these smart devices pose a big Risk and are a security threat to the users. If these devices are connected to the internet then they can be found and if they have an operating system, then they can be hacked. Unfortunately even though they are impressive, they are also breach-able. So does this mean that you should not move with times and ditch the old and embrace the new? Absolutely not. But as we start to bring all this new stuff in our houses, we’re going have to take some responsibility. You’ve got to be smart consumers when you’re using a smart device as it is impossible to put security software on every object.

Why Security Matters

At close of 2013, I mentioned in my Blog with a survey published by ISACA’s global emerging Tech Board why 2014 would be an interesting yet challenging year for Cyber Security.  I don’t think this is a one year trend though.  As our societies evolve around the world.  Technology is getting harnessed to deliver ever more comfort and productivity.  This innovation assumes often that Companies and Consumers are on the same page as it relates to managing an individual’s rights on security, privacy and governance.  We often find that this is not the case and that there is a big communications divide between consumers and technology innovators with regards to handling these governance issues.  This is why we want more dialogue on this and that is why our mission at CG is to “Democratize Governance” worldwide with our partners and investors like EnCrisp, ISACA, IIA and other globally.

That’s exactly what we at Confident Governance are also striving to achieve for companies. Through our apps available for download on APPEXCHANGE, we are trying to activate a world of customer centric businesses, where customer focus runs in the DNA of a set up. From Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter, Monitoring, Compliance, Archiving, E-Discovery to Sustainable Cloud Governance Risk Compliance Audits, we are striving with the FORCE team to deliver products and services that help you connect with your customers in a way more secure and robust set up and where data privacy issues are things of past.

For more information on our Products and Services, visit us on www.ConfidentGovernance.com

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