Communicating Emerging Technologies And Trends To The Board Of Directors

The Emerging Trends and Technologies are of tremendous importance to the Board and to the CEO. These trends and technologies allow them to survive and endure the competitive market. Hence the focus has shifted from not “whether” a company should adopt it or not, but to “how” it should be implemented in a reliable way. This is the critical question which the Board, the CEO and the CFO should ask the Senior Management in their IT Teams.

Let’s have a glimpse in to this new exciting World of Emerging Trends and Technologies through my video, on behalf of the  Emerging Business and Trends Committee of ISACA and Confident Governance

The Emerging Technologies

The Emerging Technologies that are currently governing the IT sector are Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing (popularly known as SMAC technologies) Here is my take on them:

Social Media 

Social Media links people to their friends, peers, family, colleagues and also bestows great marketing opportunities for businesses of all magnitudes. It has an expansive reach that swiftly allows businesses to pursue specific groups. Through social media, a Company can

  Endorse their Product/Services

o   Attract potential Clients/Customers

o   Build and maintain stronger affiliations with existing Customers


Mobility is an important aspect which allows the employees to access their workflow, documents and files from any part of the world. Mobility is increasingly becoming the crucial agenda for Enterprises. It enables the workforce to communicate internally to the peer group and also Communicate externally to the prospective and current Clients and Customers thereby improving employee productivity and achieving competitive advantage. Hence Organizations should focus on implementing modern mobility strategies.

We are observing at Confident Governance that mobility aspect of technology delivers high level performance and achieves user satisfaction even in areas traditionally not thought of as mobile friendly such as the Compliance, Risk Management and Governance lifecycle. Learn more and Visit our Products on Salesforce number 1 Platform for more information.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Business Analytics is a significant constituent of most successful progressive businesses. It is an array of applications, practices, skills and technologies designed to explore and evaluate business performance. The definition is self-explanatory and so it is obvious that Analytics is a very important aspect for any Organization which wants to measure it’s performance quantitatively.

According to the result of Global Analytics Advantage Survey conducted by Deloitte at companies in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and China, it clearly appears that Organizations are making great strides in incorporating Analytics practices into their Organizations. No doubt that in the near future Analytics would form a major division of business or IT in all Organizations big or small.

Cloud Computing 

In the contemporary business market, the trend that is gaining momentum is : The Cloud Technology. It has carved it’s own niche in the IT Sector and more and more Companies are now adopting the “Public Cloud”.

One  remarkable aspect of this technology is that the IT sector is not driving these decisions anymore, instead the Line of business (LOB) is influencing the decisions of adopting using and buying the emerging technologies like “Mobile Social Cloud”.

As one can see, it is an exhilarating aspect, which has the potential to leverage any business model and benefit the Board and the CEO.

This is why we want more dialogue on this and that is why our mission at CG is to “Democratize Governance” worldwide with our partners and investors like EnCrispISACA, IIA and other globally.

That’s exactly what we at Confident Governance are also striving to achieve for companies. Through our apps available for download on APPEXCHANGE, we are trying to activate a world of customer centric businesses, where customer focus runs in the DNA of a set up. From Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter, Monitoring, Compliance, Archiving, E-Discovery to Sustainable Cloud Governance Risk Compliance Audits, we are striving with the FORCE team to deliver products and services that help you connect with your customers in a way more secure and robust set up and where data privacy issues are things of past.

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