Grow. Govern. Secure. Trust

“We make a Living by what we Get, but we make a Life by what we Give”-Winston Churchill

The world is full of diversities and that’s the beauty of it. When we see diversities in humans, we come across concepts like Religion, Race, Color of skin, Nationality and so on….But there is one more concept of diversity which is there but often goes unrecognized and that is – being differently abled.

We at Confident Governance (World’s first company specializing in Cloud Governance and Social GRC) and EnCrisp (Global Leader in Governance, Risk, Compliance and Cyber Security) respect the differently abled and it translates into our actions.

We encourage the differently abled by the means of the event – ” Education is the movement from darkness to light- Prerna ’14”, which is organized every year. Sponsored by Confident Governance, the event turned out to be a huge success under the able guidance of our CEO Bhavesh Bhagat, a serial Entrepreneur and a great Visionary.


On business front our motto is “Democratizing Governance Worldwide” and on similar lines our motto for our company’s Social Responsibility is “Democratizing Opportunities Worldwide”. Ensuring our altruistic model of 1:1:1 (1% of employees’ time, 1% of product and 1% of our revenue is donated to society) we will come up with more events like this.


Venture out in era of possibilities, live on their lives, emotions and document their world with your style. Realize through real eyes, CONFIDENTLY !

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