Stand Up Tall Against Information Security Breaches – Cloud Governance Is The Need Of The Hour

The Internet is becoming the town square for the modern global village and Cloud Computing is the new Industry buzz. Numerous Enterprises big and small are getting inclined towards the Cloud to leverage efficiency, reduce cost and augment expediency to the end-users by making the services and resources available wherever there is an internet connection. These Enterprises also know that Cloud Strategies which do not have an appropriate Cloud Governance model, hit a wall and fail.

Though Cloud Services have abundant potential benefits, there is another side to this as well. The impending Privacy and Security Issues need to be contemplated before using Cloud for Information Storage. It becomes absolutely inevitable for Organizations to perform vigilant Risk Assessment prior to adopting any Cloud Computing service.

multiple platform_Dp_v3Time and again, the world has witnessed numerous episodes wherein Cloud security/Information Security has been breached. Infact this week itself, we have read about major breaches like the one in a leading home improvement store in the US, wherein customers’ credit card details were at stake. Or consider the recent iCloud episode where the Celebrity accounts in iCloud were hacked and sensitive information was leaked over the internet. And how can we ignore Cyber security threats that are a growing concern.

The question that comes to our mind is – What has led to these vulnerabilities in Cloud? Is sensitive information safe in the Cloud? According to Bill Gates “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency”.

PPP_ITECH_CLP_Internet_Security_BSo the question here is not whether Cloud Computing is a Secure Technology, but whether appropriate Governance methods are used for managing a Cloud? Without being judgemental, we need to focus on the loopholes which were used to penetrate the Cloud and the effective repair of these loopholes. Because “The most unhappy customers are the greatest source of learning”. Security leaders have always raised concerns about Data Security and Regulatory Risks and we can safely say that even though the Cloud is here to stay, Governance, Risk and Compliance are imminent parts of Cloud that should never be ignored.

Companies need to be more sophisticated in their oversight of Cyber Security and the Chief Information Security officers must be able to communicate effectively with directors.

20140219_linkedinhd3_Dp_V2 I have always emphasized on appropriate Governance techniques and this is manifested in the Governance as a Service platform and other applications by Confident Governance®. Good Governance is not an option anymore, it’s a requirement.

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