Turbocharge Your Business Processes With Salesforce Chatter

As Companies aim to succeed and evolve in the fast paced Social Media driven world, Collaborating effectively with their internal and external stakeholders becomes the make or break difference between success and failure. The old paradigm for Collaboration that people need to be effective communicators to Collaborate internally has been replaced by the new state of affairs where Companies need to be Collaborating and Communicating outside the periphery of the Company. In this and related Confident Now Blog Series we explore a phenomenal technology from our partner Salesforce.com called Chatter!

Salesforce Chatter brings you a proficient and cost-effective approach to official Communication. Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Chatter is the Enterprise Social Network that permits teams to take action and Collaborate like never before via any device, from any where and at any time.

Importance of Collaboration and Communication in an Enterprise

Since ages Business Community has a pre-conceived notion that only the Sales and Marketing teams need Communication tools to aid their Marketing Strategy. But it is high time Companies need to realize that Communication with and within other sections of the Organization, like the Project Implementation Team, Audit team, Governance team, etc… is also very significant.

Corporate Communication has to be safe and Secure and at the same time it should also be accessible in real-time through any device.

secure chatter_V1

How Different Teams Across The Organization Benefit From Salesforce Chatter ?

There are many diverse teams functioning in an Organization and Collaboration within these highly dynamic teams is of utmost importance. As an instance ,for IT Governance Team, it is imperative to convey the functionality and services parallel to the existing and predefined needs of the Organization in order to achieve it’s goal. Salesforce Chatter aids these dynamic IT Governance Teams to carry out their processes smoothly. Moreover, in any Organization, Internal Auditors are given access to important Business Information and they have to navigate through these in a reliable way as they have to be concerned about the Safety and Security of the data. Also, in the Contemporary Business Market,a GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) team is an important component of any successful Business. A GRC team has to Collaborate effectively and efficiently with the Senior Management on a regular basis and hence a competent Collaboration Tool proves to be a boon for them.

Salesforce Chatter is the answer for all the Communication needs of all these teams with it’s features like

  • Chatter Messenger
  • Chatter Profiles
  • Chatter Topics
  • Chatter Feeds 
  • Chatter Group
  • Chatter Files  
  • Chatter Desktop 
  • Chatter Mobile

and so on

Our teams and experts at Confident Governance and EnCrisp ,across two continents and multiple offices, have achieved optimum results by leveraging Chatter.

20140624_sec chatter_V7

Advantages Of Chatter Over Other Communication Mechanisms

Chatter has an edge over other conventional Enterprise Communication Applications.

  • Chatter has an advantage of Security, Sharing Model, and Reliability of largest Cloud application platform in the world used by Salesforce.com
  • Collaboration occurs in a Business perspective. Users can Collaborate around explicit Business circumstances, as characterized in Salesforce CRM by Opportunities, Accounts, and Cases.
  • Chatter is developed on the Force.com platform, so Customers, Developers, and Partners can influence Feeds, Profiles, and Updates without any complex processes.

If you have finally come under the spell of all the Chatter features, but worried about Security, relax.As Chatter is built on the Force.com platform, it benefits from all Salesforce Security features. Additionally, we have designed a smart Governance Tool for Chatter called Secure Chatter, to ensure Information Safety in your Organization.

See what our Customers have to say about Secure Chatter, here.

With all of the Salesforce Chatter features, partner with us for CG Secure Chatter which is a more Secure way to Collaborate within your Organization.

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