Accelerating Corporate Collaboration With Salesforce Chatter “Feeds”

In the previous post we saw the significance of Collaboration and Collaboration tools in an Enterprise. We also saw the reasoning behind the Emerging popularity of the Enterprise Collaboration Tool, Salesforce Chatter.

Moving on further in our Confident Now Blog Series we will understand more about one of the amazing feature called “Feeds” of Salesforce Chatter and also understand some basic concepts of Chatter Governance.

Salesforce Chatter Feeds Overview 

Chatter Feeds is like one big canvas of all things in your network that are pertinent to you within your Organization.

20141105_Screenshot for chatter feed blog_SP

Characteristically you see feed updates for

  • Posts, comments, and files on Chatter groups you’re a member of
  • Shared files and links
  • Tasks and events
  • Converted leads
  • Record field changes, like changes to record owner and closed opportunities and cases

Feeds is the most primary and necessary feature of Chatter. Let’s look at the many ways Feeds can be used to leverage your business

1) Progress Tracking and Updating

20141204_SS for Blog_1

“Feeds” enables you to share and Update Progress in a team of any magnitude, so even smallest teams can leverage from regular Progress Updating. 

2) Decluttering your email inbox

Don’t bombard your email inbox with long emails and large files, instead use the Feeds feature to share posts, comments and files.

The Feeds section is stratified in following titles to give you the view which you require at any given time

  • What I Follow
  • To Me
  • Bookmarked
  • All Company

3) Centralization of important data

As your feed displays all posts, comments and files relevant to you, you can have all your important work at one place and you can view them as and when required.

4) Previewing Files in Your Feed

With many common Business file types – like Microsoft Office documents, unprotected PDFs, and many image files – you can preview the file right in your feed before downloading it.

feed preview


Now we come to the most important aspect of Chatter. Chatter Governance! And that is where we at Confident Governance come in.

Why Governance of Chatter is Important, you ask?

The many features of Chatter take Organizational Collaboration to a completely new level. However, at this stage you must ensure that Collaboration takes place in a Compliant and Secure platform. Information Security and Chatter Etiquette is also of critical importance when it comes to using a Collaboration Tool for Business Communication. So, we see that governing the way Chatter is used in your Organization is almost vital.

Chatter Governance Methods – A Glimpse

Being a Compliance Cloud Governance Company, we at Confident Governance believe that Good Governance is Good Business.

  • There are several capabilities within Chatter (Native and 3rd party tools from AppExchange) that are specially designed to support a variety of compliance needs. These capabilities are

    1.  Chatter Compliance Package

Captures posts and comments automatically, regardless of whether they’ve been deleted. You’ll be able to see file upload references and critical data associated with feed activity (create date, created by, group, related records, URL, etc.).

    2.  Archive for Chatter

Archives the Chatter post to a custom SFDC object for retention and reporting. Sends an email copy of the post to the journaling mailbox of your choice for long-term retention in your existing archive.

   3.  Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter (license required)

A Smart app designed by our experts at Confident Governance, to Govern Chatter and make the information Safe and Secure. It is developed with the objective of “Maximum Collaboration Minimum Risk”.

secure chatter

  4.  Chatter Delete Blocker

Allows administrator to block Posts, Feeds and Comments deletion.

  5.  Chatter Blacklist

Provides the ability to create a ‘blacklist’ of Words, Phrases or custom expressions which are prohibited on Chatter Posts and Comments.

  6. Custom Development

Certain in-built Tools in Chatter for Chatter Governance

  •  Feed tracking is available for Objects and Fields. You can configure Feed Tracking for users, Chatter Groups, Topics, Custom Objects, and the following standard objects: Accounts, Article Types, Assets, Campaigns, Cases, Contacts, Contracts, Dashboards, Events, Leads, Opportunities, Products, Reports, Solutions, and Tasks.
  • There are certain Native Chatter Standard Features supporting Compliance Configurations…

Native Chatter Standard Features Supporting Compliance Configurations

Category Feature Create Modify Delete
Chatter Feed Post/Status Update Owner Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Comment Owner Owner/Admin Owner/Amin
Like Owner Owner Owner
Post Sharing Owner Owner Owner

To discover more on Chatter, just stay tuned…….

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