A Business Directory Inside Your Salesforce Organization – Chatter Profiles

Chatter provides an array of Collaboration features and capabilities to any application built on the Force.com platform. These Collaboration features include real-time Feed Updates, User Profiles, and Feeds that allow Users to see changes that are important to them. For a Developer, this Social Platform opens up endless possibilities for Customization.

Particularly in this excerpt, we will focus on the “Profiles” feature and also have a look at ways of Profile Management as an important part of Chatter Governance.

Chatter Profile – Your identity in your Organization

The Profiles feature in Salesforce Chatter enables you to create a Profile for yourself so that everybody in your Company knows about you and your area of Expertise.

With this feature you can,

  • Upload a Profile Picture to help your coworkers put a face to a name.
  • Fill up your Contact Information to make easy to look up phone numbers and email addresses for everyone in your Company.


  • Create the “About me” section to introduce yourself to your Company. You can also include your Department, your areas of Expertise, an overview of your job, and other Professional details like past Work Experience.


The Need For “Profiles”

Profiles help you in knowing your Colleagues and sharing Expertise.

In an Organization with many Employees, you may not always know everyone. Profiles are a space to showcase who you are to the rest of your Company.

Profiles is like a Business Directory for your Company inside Chatter.


Leveraging “Profiles” feature to gain efficiency in Collaboration

“Profiles” feature helps in bridging the gap between different sections across the Enterprise.

Let’s see how “Profiles” can be used to boost various Processes.

Find a Competitive Expert


Say for instance you are supposed to give a Product presentation to a specific Client. You can quickly browse through the Profiles section and search for the Executive from Research & Development team and co-ordinate with him, get the Technical details and give a brilliant Presentation.


On board new Employees


Chatter Profiles give easy access to the newly Employed about his/her Seniors or Peers across all Departments. As obvious, Chatter Profiles are a sure shot way to connect with the right people at the right time in your Organization.What more, Profiles feature is available complimentary with Salesforce Chatter, Chatter Pulse Edition and across all Salesforce Platforms like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Force.com

Managing Chatter Profiles

While we have already learned about the benefits of Profiles, we must also learn to Manage and Govern it’s functionality.

Out of the four Chatter Compliance Categories ( User Management, Data Management, Conversation Management and Monitor & Analyze), Profile Management falls under the category, User Management.

Also, there are Native Chatter Standard Features which Support Compliance Configurations

Native Chatter Standard Features which Support Compliance Configurations

Category Feature Create Modify Delete
Chatter Profile About Me Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Email Preferences Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Profile Picture Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin

What is Profile Management ?

It is the ability to establish various Profiles within the Organization that determine Access to different system Objects, Records within those Objects and the actions they can perform with those Objects.  These Profile definitions carry over to Chatter in terms of Access and Usability privileges. The feature associated with Profile Management is Profile & Role Hierarchy.

Capabilities of Profile Management (Compliance Solution)

  • Establish Profile Types
  • Create Profile Object Access
  • Define Object Access Permissions
  • Assign Roles to Profiles
  • Create Data Access Restrictions via Roles & Role Hierarchy
  • Extend or Restrict Data Access via sharing Roles, Groups and Role Hierarchy
  • Native Record Access (& by default record access / following within chatter) is controlled by these salesforce.com standard Profile & Role administration capabilities

Our global teams are leveraging various Chatter features to attain maximum Productivity. In addition, we have come up with an efficient way to Govern Chatter with our product “Secure Chatter”. As the name suggests, Collaboration within Chatter remains cent percent “Secure” with this innovative product based on Governance as a Service platform. Visit our appexchange listing for more details.












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