2015…THREE things to communicate NOW…Life is short…

As I write this Happy New Year message to our customers, employees, family, friends and partners worldwide.. this year I want to write just focus on three things.  Brevity is powerful.  Ask yourself what would be the three things you would like to have communicated to someone in your professional or personal circle if you were meeting them for the last time.  Life is brief as evidenced by many happenings around us.  So before we get hung up in our new revenue goals, new product designs, new corporate deadlines reflect on the THREE feelings you want to communicate NOW…for a HAPPY NEW 2015!..Don’t Wait..


1 – GRATEFULNESS = “Thank You!” – To family, friends, colleagues, employees, customers and all who have touched our lives over the years.  It is a feeling of thankful humility that as a customer someone has decided to place their most valuable asset – “trust” in us. We humbly express our never ending commitment to make that “trust” a success with innovation and hard work.

2 – CREATIVITY = “Take a Risk” – As a creative person I have realized creativity is nothing but risk taking every moment (so long as its not fatal 😉  The outcome is not certain but the journey is what matters most – That’s the joy of life.  I want to urge you to take that RISK of doing something..you have always feared or postponed, of approaching someone in personal life you have always steered clear of, of contacting a customer or prospect you have never talked to in many years.  Do it now they are waiting and do it without expectations.

3 – PERSISTENCE = “Never Never Never…Give Up”  – Saying Thanks to people that matter sounds easy..Taking a Risk is certainly difficult for many.  But in these and other endeavors what matters most is once we commit to someone ….your customer, your colleague your employee, your son, your daughter your family Never Give up on delivering the best, on a good cause, on a good professional or personal relationship.  Did I say “Never Give up” three times in this paragraph?  Its by design. “Never Give Up” maybe the most overused phrase for many and it sounds very simple but it actually is one of the most difficult qualities to execute and demonstrate day in and day out in real life.  So keep at it..

The above three qualities are what drive us day in and day out..as a global team across two continents.  So if you are a customer or prospect or a colleague who is also driven by these qualities then we want to partner with you.  Life is short…these feelings are what we want to share with everyone to express our excitement for 2015 like nothing else can. Let’s work together next year to create something of value.  – To Your Success!  Cheers.  BB (@bbhagat – Yogi Entrepreneur)

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