Propelling Towards Global Governance And ICT (Information Communication Technology) Innovation With India-US Strategic Partnership

On the day I write this, India is celebrating it’s 66th Republic Day with the US President Barack Obama as the Chief Guest. It is like “icing on the cake” at the time when India-US Business Relations have already achieved new heights.

The Republic Day is the day of the Constitution and in simple language , Constitution is a book of “Good Governance“. Good Governance is a central theme for many Enterprises, Governments and Nations. One of the many factors of Good Governance is Innovation in Technology.

Being a Leader in Governance and Risk Management Industry and through a heightened vision, I have arrived at a conclusion that building a Product/Service which acutely influences Governance, is the need of the hour and so our team always delivers meticulously developed Services/Products which enhance Enterprise Governance.

As a continuum of being an Award winning Governance, Risk Management and Cloud Computing Leader, we at Confident Governance are now investing in developing a World class hub of Governance Innovation in Gujarat, India. Building on strong Partnership between US and India, this announcement was launched at US India Trade Partnership Summit at Vibrant Gujarat which is the largest Investment and thought Leadership Summit in India.


This unique Governance hub is using the latest Information Communication Technology (ICT), Big Data, Social Analysis and effective Enterprise Risk Management Research to manufacture efficient Software as a Service (SaaS) systems for Governance Worldwide. Continuing its successful momentum, Confident Governance will support the current accelerated and future growth of the Company.

This move marks the second expansion of Confident Governance since its inception. The timing of this announcement couldn’t have been better as it coincided with the biggest Economic Summit in India, Vibrant Gujarat which has become the Davos of India.

Through this Global Governance Centre of Excellence, we are committed to increasing Skills and Education about latest Emerging Technologies related to maximizing E-Governance and proven efficiencies in India and USA. Our Centre which is located in Vadodara, a very progressive city , also happens to be in the home state of the Prime Minister of India.  Our agenda for this investment Summit was cohesive with all the other Industry Experts,that is  to maximize Efficient Governance and Growth minimizing Risks.


The velocity of Business change will increase even more in coming decades with new Technology and our regional hub in India’s vibrant Growth story enables us to impart new Skills to India in the Global Human Resources fields of Risk , Security and  Governance.  This illustrates our Commitment to use Technology as a driver of positive change for Business and Government Leaders worldwide to focus on the theme of Grow.Govern.Secure.Trust.


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