The Two Constants Of Governance And Risk Management Automation

Recently I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues in Washington DC and a Chairman of a Board, when, amidst the discussion of Global Trends and Technologies, a very interesting subject came through. It was regarding the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who recently revealed the Success of his Company.

According to Bezos, if you want to build a Successful and Sustainable Business, you need to focus and work on the driving factors that are stable, irrespective of  Business Market and Business nature. The factors being :

  •  Customers preferring lower prices and
  •  Customers preferring Speedy Delivery

At a time when Businesses are led to believe that “Change is the new Constant” and when many Companies execute Surveys, Polls, Researches, Predictive Analysis etc..,  to find out the Trends that are going to change in the future which can impact their Success, this idea comes as a refreshing one. This path has already been successfully well traveled. We need to revive this idea for the benefit of the Company and for our Customers. And it leads me to think on how this idea can translate into Governance & Risk Management Sector.

When we look at this from the Governance & Risk Management point of view, these two factors  translate as :

  • Steady Technology Cost and Automation Cost over a period of time and
  • Guaranteed outcomes with Implementation

Steady Technology Cost and Automation Cost over a period of time

Automation is the answer to the huge challenges of Globalization and Productivity. More and more Businesses now-a-days are looking for a cost effective life-cycle of an Automation system. Hence, Enterprises should focus on investing in/delivering Products or Services that have minimal or no Automation cost.


As far as Confident Governance is concerned, all our ConfidentG Solutions are designed in a way that enable tremendous Efficiency, Usage and Cost advantages as compared to the traditional Client Server based Software Solutions for GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance). Every aspect of our Governance as a Service  platform is designed to make it easier for Businessses to implement an Effective Governance, Risk & Security Compliance system which provides Clear Transparency with easiest Non-Technical Operation.

We are here to serve entities who want a quality Governance, Risk & Compliance Management System without the complexities of Solutions which incur millions just for Implementation.

Guaranteed outcomes with implementation

Enterprises also should focus on being Agile and constanly improve by rolling out updates as per Customer feedback. This is exactly the same that we are doing with our Mission of “Democratizing Governance Worldwide”.

2014-02-4_Banner templete3_Dp_v2


Leading by example we are bringing Innovation in ICT (Information Communication Technology) in our recently launched cutting-edge  hub, where Customer Satisfaction comes above all.

Being in the Governance and Risk Management field for over 20 years, we can Confidently say that these can  have a huge impact on Enterprise Success regardless of Company culture or Business magnitude.





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