Sharing On A Robust And Secure Platform : Chatter Files

For ages, sharing Official Documents internally in an Enterprise  (and in some cases externally with Partners/Clients) has been a part and parcel of everyday Corporate routine. It’s a customary ritual now, but wait…it is equally critical, as in , the Platform used to share your Vital and Confidential Official documents should be robust enough, for three big reasons

1) Size doesn’t matter : The platform should enable upload of a File of significant size

2) Security is the best Policy : File Sharing should be “Secure” so as to prevent Information Security breaches

3) Groupism is good sometimes : The platform should have the ability to create  “Groups” where the members can Collaborate on/Share Files

An Enterprise Social Network like Chatter induces higher Productivity and Visibility across your Enterprise through its File Sharing capabilities.While the mechanics of using a robust Collaboration Tool like Chatter are simple, you also need a methodology to Govern Chatter.

Accomplish Efficiency In Official Collaboration With Chatter Files

With Chatter Files, you can Upload, Share and Collaborate on Documents, Presentations, and digital Media. The Files tab is like your personal USB drive in the Cloud.

You can privately Share and Collaborate on Files with specific People or share something publicly so everyone in your Chatter network can see it. Instead of emailing large files to your team, post them to Chatter and get all the Feedback in one place.

Benefits Of Chatter Files Over Other Document Sharing Tools

1) Version Control

When you upload the first version of a File to Chatter, the File shows up directly in your Feed. If there is a new version of the same File, simply open the File record and select Upload New Version from the left side of the screen.


People following the File will receive a notification in their Chatter Feed when new versions are posted. This helps in finding out which version of a particular File is the most recent, and hence everyone has the hold of the most up-to-date Information.

2) Collaboration in Real time

multiple platform_Dp_v3

By uploading Files directly into a Chatter Feed, users across your Salesforce Organization can discuss changes to the File in Real time, from any device and at any time.

This cuts down email traffic and keeps all comments with the relevant documents for easy reference.



3) A File having significant size can be uploaded

Chatter Files allow you to upload files of up to 2 GB in size.

4) In-Browser File Previews

Many common File formats are supported for preview directly from your browser or mobile device, saving you the step of downloading one or more copies of the File.

Preview Files

5) External Delivery via a Link

With Chatter Files, you’re able to share a link to the File , internally and externally. The recipients are able to preview the File directly from their browser and read the document in full screen mode. They can also download the File to their machine.

6 ) Supports All file types

 All File types are supported, from Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, to Adobe® PDFs, image files, audio files band video files.

Govern Chatter Files And Ensure Information Security

It is quintessential to deploy Salesforce Chatter with the Governance you need to be Compliant. You need to ensure Information Safety as well. While using Chatter Files, the most important aspect of File Sharing must not be ignored and that is Security and Safety of vital Information.

There are Native Chatter Standard Features which support Compliance Configurations. Let’s see these for the category “Files”

Category Feature Create Modify Delete
File (document) Owner/Admin Owner/Collaborator/Admin Owner/Admin
Files File Attributes (Version, Description, etc) Owner/Admin Owner/Collaborator/Admin Owner/Admin
File Sharing Owner/Admin Owner/Collaborator/Admin Owner/Admin

Our experts at Confident Governance have created an efficient Application to preserve your company’s Data and that is Secure Chatter. It has been developed with the motto of “Maximum Collaboration Minimum Risk” and it surely maintains this in its functionality.

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