Facilitate Creative And Co-ordinated Teamwork With Chatter Groups

With all our previous posts on Chatter, you might have deciphered by now that the role of any Collaboration Tool is not just enabling Collaboration, but also to leverage Business, to enable making swift Business decisions and to achieve Optimum Results with Minimum Resources. This infers that a Collaboration Tool with the right Governance methodology that automatically Secures Vital Data and Information and satisfies all Compliance standards, yields Prolific benefits.

On the same grounds, we find that Chatter has cemented it’s position as the best Collaboration Tool for Corporate Communication and made it easy to Connect with People and Information. It is absolutely essential for Chatter to be backed/complemented by a Robust Chatter Governance Strategy.

We continue our Confident Now Series on Chatter and here we discuss about Chatter Groups and ways to Govern Chatter Groups….

Collaborate With Specific People Using Chatter Groups

Chatter Groups allow you to Collaborate with specific People. The Groups page displays a list of the Chatter Groups in your Company. Groups can be either Public for every Employee or Private for selected people.


 Chatter Group User Primer – Gain Effectiveness Through Chatter Groups



While working on a team Project, you can create a Group for your team to share Project-related Files and Information,give Feedback and share Presentations,Spreadsheets and Documents.For instance create Groups for Customer meetings, Product feedback Group to connect R&D and Engineering teams with Sales and Customer Service,Marketing Group for specific Campaigns,Human Resources Group for HR related querries,Public Group for all Employees for Company-wide Topics and Announcements,etc..

Chatter Governance – A Pre-requisite For Secure Collaboration

While using Collaboration Tools such as Chatter for Corporate Communication, Enterprises should also focus on tackling challenges like Managing Security, Data Retention , Information Storage and Permissions. This is where Chatter Governance comes into picture.

Chatter Governance encompasses Compliance categories, viz, User Management, Data Management, Conversation Management and Monitor & Analyze. Each of these categories is mapped to specific Features and Functions contained in Chatter. The User Management category is mapped to Chatter Group Settings, Chatter Profile Management and Chatter User Access.

Also, there are certain Native Chatter Standard Features which support Compliance Configurations (for category “Groups”)

Category Feature Create Modify Delete
Groups Public Group Name & Details Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Public Group Photo Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Public Group Members Owner/Admin/Users Owner/Admin/Users Owner/Admin
Public Group Members Role Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Private Group Name & Details Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Private Group Photo Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Private Group Members Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Private Group Members Roles Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin
Request to Join Private Group Owner/Admin Owner/Admin Owner/Admin

Ensuring Compliant Chatter Groups

Group Settings should be configured in a suitable way which supports Compliance Configurations

Group Settings should have the ability to restrict/manage following attributes

  • Who can/cannot be invited in
  • Who can/cannot be allowed to remove members
  • Who can/cannot create Groups
  • Who can/cannot restrict activity in Group
  • Who can/cannot define what documents and records can be in the Group and Visible

Governing Chatter The Right Way

Clearly we at Confident Governance and EnCrisp have benefited from Chatter.We created Chatter Groups right away for our dynamic Teams across two continents.

Our Salesforce AppExchange app, Secure Chatter  has defied convention and made Organizational Collaboration Secure. With Secure Chatter you can create multiple unique levels of Secure Monitoring, Auditing and Archiving Data Retention Chatter Policies for Groups, Individuals and selected Targets.


secure chatter_V1

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