Chatter Topics – Using Hashtag To Simplify Official Collaboration

Influx of Salesforce Chatter has led to efficient Collaborative means of communicating within Organizations of all sizes. Chatter has given a whole  new dimension to Business Collaboration by giving it’s  Users instant access to Content and Expertise they need in their work area. This is not all, Chatter enables the savvy Organization to Centralize all forms of Communication and related files with it’s unique Features.

With all our Confident Now posts on Chatter uptil now, we have been highlighting the importance of good Chatter Governance, which is absolutely essential for Secure and Efficient official Collaboration and we are focusing on the same with this post.

This blog shall focus on how to bring Order to your posts and how to increase their Visibility  using Chatter “Topics”.

Yes, you guessed it right…we will also take care of the Governance aspect here, as in, we will see ways to use Chatter Topics the right way as as to ensure Information Security.

Chatter Topics  – Use Hashtags For Greater Visibility

Topics are added to Posts and Comments to organize them or to increase their Visibility. This is accomplished by using a hashtag (#).

By using hashtags, you create a Topic link that categorizes your update so other Users in your Company can find it more easily.

With Chatter Topics, you can,

  • Relate your posts with Topics in your Company
  • Search for updates with common Topics
  • Find pertinent Topics fast

Chatter Topics associates your updates with other Posts and Comments on the same Topic by using a hashtag (#).

Hashtags show up as

  • Conversations in your Company
  • Topics on your Profile that you see
  • Auto-suggestions when posting



For instance, if you post that you’re working on a Marketing Presentation for a customer, say XYZ , you might want to add the hashtag topic #XYZ in your update. Anyone can click the Topic to find out more information about XYZ and to see which People and Groups are talking about XYZ.

Chatter Topics User Primer – Simplify Your Business Communication

  • Consider, for instance, you have to post an update to multiple Groups in your Company. Conventionally, you’d have to click through to each Group record and post directly to each Group feed, which would turn out to be a time consuming process. To simplify this , you can just post from your home page in, hashtag your post and have that post automatically copy to a related Group or Account or Opportunity.
  • Use Topic pages which include a list of top influencers, to know who has been sharing the most about the specific Topic within the Company.
  • New recruits can use Topics  to discover Topic pages and Groups  and start working efficiently within a short time frame.

Witness Improved Efficiency With Proper Chatter Governance

While using Chatter, it is equally important to incorporate the right Chatter Governance strategies so that there are no chances of Information Security breaches and violations. You need to Design and Configure the right Chatter Process and also establish Chatter Etiquette and Guidelines for Users.

Chatter Compliance Solutions have the facility of Post & Feed Reporting wherein you can Generate, View, Access, Publish and Schedule reports based on a variety of Chatter actions including : Groups, Usage, Topics, etc…so there are no loopholes as far as Information Security and Data Privacy is concerned.

At Confident Governance and EnCrisp, our Teams are completely dedicated towards using the efficient collaboration features which Chatter provides. It translates into a Productive and Effective work area, with the motto “Maximum Collaboration Minimum Risk”. Likewise, all of you who are seeking optimum results for your Company, can leverage the smart features of Chatter and Govern it with Secure Chatter to make your collaboration Easy and Safe at the same time.

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