5 Pivotal Ways Internal Audit Will Transform In Next Decade : Part 3

Focussing on how Integrated Platform Technology can leverage your Audit processes, we carry forward the conversation on the top 5 ways Internal Audit will be transformed in next decade. To have a deeper insight on how Internal Audit departments can leverage Emerging Technologies and gain Agility, we can have a look at how the use of Technology in Internal Audit has changed over the past decade. This year IIA will be celebrating it’s 75th year of Establishment, and so it’s a good time to gain insights on the dynamic changes in Internal Audit. Our Chairman Bhavesh Bhagat sits on the Emerging Technologies board of ISACA and is going to share his expertise through a Plenary discussion at the IIA International Conference 2016, NY on 19th of July 2016. To participate in this exciting discussion, you can register at


Integrated Platform Technology for Audit Management

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Internal audit has evolved tremendously and is now increasingly involved in areas of Risk Management & Fraud detection and so the effective use of Technology  is essential  to succeed in this evolving mandate. Technology can Automate IA processes of ongoing monitoring of Internal Controls and the time efficiencies gained can be used in other high-impact areas.By leveraging Technology to identify Risks, Test Controls and Examine Data Evidence in an all-inclusive platform, Audit steps up from conventional Audit methods to next level of Assurance. While the use of conventional Software for Internal Audit has created efficiencies in the past, it still has a lot of scope to change the fundamental approach of Auditing. Integrated Platform Technologies have functionalities for Big Data analysis and hence takes Audit to next level by allowing entire populations of Financial and Operational transactions and other data to be comprehensively tested and analyzed on a Real-time basis enabling Anytime, Any device, Anywhere Governance. With the inclusion of Robust Collaboration tools, the Integrated platform also enables Safe and Secure Official collaboration thereby ensuring Information Security.

Give us your feedback on these insights at info@confidentgovernance.com and we can take up this dialogue further. In our next post, we will discuss about the fourth very important aspect of the Modern Internal Audit. Stay tuned and participate..!!

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