5 Pivotal Ways Internal Audit Will Transform In Next Decade : Part 5

In this concluding post of ConfidentNow blog series  the top 5 ways Internal Audit will be transformed in next decade , we will discuss about the last but not the least element of Transparency in Internal Audit.

At the 75th Anniversary of IIA , Confident Governance Chairman Bhavesh Bhagat is going to share his insights on the Emerging Trends in Internal Audit and how IA can be taken to next level using Robust and Agile tools, through a Plenary discussion on 19th of July 2016. To participate in this exciting discussion, you can register at


Governance and Transparency : Critical aspect of Internal Audit 

2014-02-4_Banner templete3_Dp_v2

Audit committees worldwide have varying roles and responsibilities. Having Agility and Transparency in  Governance standards would make Corporate Reporting significantly better.  The Key here is to provide Real-time information to Audit Committees on a mobile platform to make them more effective and safeguard the quality of the audit.

Confident Governance supports changes that improve Audit quality and Financial reporting. Strengthening the role of the Internal Auditor has taken Audit quality and Financial reporting to next level. This approach is steadily being adopted around the world, driven by the following

  1. Audit Committee overseeing the Company’s Financial Reporting using Robust Reporting and Dashboarding capabilities of Audit Management Tools
  2. Safe and Secure Official collaboration in Internal Audit department

Certainly Organizations worldwide are making Strategic changes placing Internal Audit in an important role for financial Compliance requirement, thereby taking the responsibility of monitoring and testing Controls on a regular basis. Global businesses , whether highly regulated or decentralized are developing a Strategic definition of Internal Audit function supported by Automated processes and leveraging Emerging Technologies.

Give us your feedback on these insights at info@confidentgovernance.com and we can take up this dialogue further. In our next post, we will discuss about the role of Millennials in leveraging Interna Audin. Stay tuned and participate..!!

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