Fostering Agility in Compliance : Need of the hour for Global Organizations

In most global discussions today, we frequently hear words like Emerging Technologies, Cross-generational workforce, Changing international economies and so on and so forth. If we ever had to summarize all of these topics in just one word , what would be that word ? Yes, it’s “Agility”. In this dynamically changing Business market Agility is no longer an option, it is a Necessity. It’s relevant here to ask about What are the ways Companies can be Agile ? It’s by leveraging Emerging Technologies. Technological Advancements have re-vamped global Business Landscape in the areas of Medical Science, Astronomy, Media ,Biological Sciences,etc… However, only a handful of Companies are utilizing these Technological Advancements for the most vital Business Process, that is Compliance.

Businessman considering a complicated brainstorm for profit To begin with, we need to first know what are the most critical Compliance challenges faced by CCOs worldwide. Almost every Organization is seeing compliance requirements growing exponentially as Regulations are having a significant impact on how Business operates. Moreover, Compliance Officers are expected to keep Policies up-to-date while Process documentation such as Policies and Procedures often fail to keep pace with this rapid change. Inadequate or inconsistent reporting also pose a major Challenge of finding out whether  all Compliance requirements are being met. While the Compliance Officers have already been using conventional tools for Compliance Management,  the Board, the C-Suite and the Senior Management  need to realize the importance of leveraging Agility in Corporate Compliance. As most Executives and Employees are living out of the suitcases, the need for an Any Time, Any Device, Any Where Compliance is even higher.

To give insights on these  Compliance challenges, we at Confident Governance present a four part ConfidentNow Webinar series on Effective Compliance Management. The first of the series is scheduled on August 18th at 3 pm EST, where our Chairman Bhavesh C. Bhagat, who is a Global Visionary on GRC and Crossland Advisors Founder Jay Crossland  will give useful insights on how changes in Social Demographics and Technology can be leveraged to make your Compliance program Agile. To learn more, join them on this special Webinar “Top 3 Challenges faced by global Compliance Officers” on August 18th, 2016. Registration is totally FREE and can be done at

Stay tuned as the Webinar will be followed by subsequent relevant subjects on Efficient Compliance

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