Rice Energy Succeeds With Force.com And AppExchange Partner Confident Governance’s Governance as a Service Platform To Enable Their Risk And Compliance Governance As a Competitive Advantage

At Confident Governance, world’s number one Company specializing in Cloud Governance, we have a mission to Democratize Governance Worldwide and we strive ahead with this vision through successful Partnership with the robust Salesforce.com platform. There has been no looking back since the inception and our innovative Governance as a Service module has been utilized and appreciated by our Customers worldwide across all Industry Verticals for their GRC requirements. Our partnership with Salesforce has fueled our incredible growth and made us a global leader in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Services provider. Happy to know that many other Salesforce Customers have installed apps from the Salesforce AppExchange more than 4 million times.

Discover how our Customer Rice Energy, a leading Energy Company in US, leveraged the power of Salesforce.com platform to transform their Internal Audit, ERM and Compliance processes


Leveraging power of Cloud Computing on Salesforce.com platform, our products can scale to support largest Organizations, but are easily affordable for Smallest enterprises. Using the secure Salesforce.com platform, we serve our Clients with quality Governance, Risk and Compliance management system and unleash Secure and Real-time Collaboration in the Enterprise using Salesforce Chatter functionality.

Rice Energy, one of the leading Oil and Gas exploration and production Companies in the Shale Generation, turned to Confident Governance to address it’s Internal Audit requirements and is now impressed about the mobility of the platform which provides anywhere, any device and any time Governance.

Confident Governance‘s robust Collaboration features powered by Salesforce Chatter, developed a Collaborative atmosphere between Internal Audit and External Audit, leading to Projects getting completed in a seamless fashion. Additionally, they are now able to pull up any complex Report from the system as and when required with the help of robust Reporting/Dashboarding capabilities offered by Salesforce.com. ConfidentG platform provided a workflow tool that Rice Energy is using to automate Business processes.Additionally, the platform provided a framework to Rice Energy for Risk Management, which typically involves identifying particular events or circumstances relevant to the Organization’s objectives (Risks and Opportunities), assessing them in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, determining a response strategy and monitoring progress. To deal with an increasing number of Regulations, coupled with growing supply chain complexities, product quality issues and high profile recalls, Rice Energy expanded the Governance as a Service platform from purely Internal Audit to manage Compliance at Enterprise level, thereby enabling the C-Suite actually believe that “Compliance is exciting and it can be a Competitive advantage”.

To reach out to many more Organizations needing significant transformation, Salesforce Appexchange has been elemental in our Growth over the years as a leading GRC Solutions provider. All our products are listed on Appexchange,which gave us the opportunity to summarize our Product features, leverage Client Testimonials and upload Product spec-sheets.

Leveraging Emerging Technologies To Address The Dynamic Business Market & Changing International Economies.

At the bleeding edge of Technology and being in the Salesforce ecosystem, Confident Governance now is all set to lead the global GRC landscape. Organizations worldwide have been long entrapped in the complexities of Reporting, Collaboration and Customization. Our vision at Confident Governance is to continually innovate and transform the way Organizations Report (use Real-time reporting and feedback), Collaborate (execute Anytime, anydevice, anywhere Collaboration which is Safe and Secure) and Customize (leverage the agility and intuitiveness of Salesforce.com platform).

Visit our Appexchange listing for more details on our innovative Product Suite.








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