Agile Internal Audit : Shifting focus from Conventional methods to Emerging Technologies

Audit Committees are constantly challenged to provide more value to Stakeholders and at the same time enhance Organizational growth. The Board and the C-Suite are demanding deeper insights into Audit, Risk & Compliance data to align them with Business goals.

The conventional methodologies to address these challenges are most of the times complex,tedious, time-consuming, inefficient and costly too. The need of the hour in this scenario is to adopt an updated and agile approach for Internal Audit processes. The agile methodology not only empowers the Millennial Auditor with efficiency and effectiveness, but also takes Internal Audit process to a new level of becoming the success factor by aligning it with Compliance & Risk Management. 

Adopting Agile Internal Audit is the perfect way to focus and address Stakeholder needs, accelerate Audit cycles, get meaningful insights on Risk & Compliance, reduce redundancy and cut down manual efforts thereby increasing efficiency. Reporting in Agile Internal Audit tools is not just about documenting the work, it’s an intuitive way of creating Customized dashboards for the Audit Committee and collaborate on them on any device, anywhere and at any time. Instead of having exhaustive documentation for each and every phase of the Audit cycle, an Agile Internal Audit framework deliver Real time and insightful Reports with fewer words and more dynamic dashboards.

A proper amalgamation of the right Auditing mindset and adoption of Automation and Emerging Technologies is where the real transformative power of the Agile methodology resides. The Agile and Innovative functionalities of Real time Reporting & Collaboration that we at Confident Governance have been providing to Businesses worldwide through our innovative Governance as a Service platform, is focused at empowering Audit teams to add value to the profession and to their Organization. In an effort to achieve this goal, we present to you a unique e-book aimed at empowering Millennial Auditors with the right skills for enhancing the Audit function. To download the e-book, please visit our Datasheets section (E-book for Internal Audit Automation) at AppExchange

Hope you enjoy the read. Let’s stay connected to exchange more insights on Internal Audit Leadership for 2018 & beyond.

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