Key Attributes of End-To-End GDPR Compliance Management : Integrated Risk Mapping and Agile Compliance Testing

Depositphotos_194096696_originalGDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an Exhaustive and Technically demanding Regulation around Data Privacy ever established. The inherent need of 360 degree Visibility and Strategic Enforcement presents a challenge for Companies globally wanting to be GDPR Compliant. Some of the major challenges around being GDPR Compliant is having a robust Data Handling and Data Storage tool/methodology which enables Integrated Risk Mapping and Compliance Auditing. Conventional techniques of addressing these challenges using Excel spread-sheets are time consuming, tedious, ineffective and inefficient. Compliance Automation tools like ConfidentG Agile GDPR Compliance Automation application simplifies the process of being GDPR Compliant by leveraging Emerging Technologies for Data Storage/Handling, Reporting and Compliance Testing. Here are some of the highlights of the application that make GDPR Compliance an intuitive process.

Integrated Compliance Risk Mapping and Real time Reporting  

Having an Integrated Risk Mapping program associated with the GDPR Compliance process renders the Chief Compliance Officer the ability to be focused on identifying, monitoring, tracking and recommending remedial actions of Compliance Risks. Performing Risk Assessments on a periodic basis increases the chances of identifying the most relevant Risks. Additionally, the Reports/Dashboards that can be pulled up anywhere, anytime and on any device create a lot of efficiency for global Compliance and Audit teams. ConfidentG Agile GDPR Compliance Management application leverages Artificial Intelligence powered Analytics for Compliance Reporting and gives 360 degree insights into your Compliance Processes, related Rules and Controls and mapped Risks. The intuitiveness of customizing the Dashboards offered by the GRC Automation tool is what gives a competitive advantage to Compliance Officers globally.

Agile Audit lifecycle for GDPR Compliance Testing

While Companies have a systematic approach for GDPR Compliance, it is also important to have GDPR Compliance Testing/Auditing process in place to determine whether the GDPR Rules and Controls are in place, finding the cause of exception if any and recommending remedial action for Risks and Exceptions.4.jpg

ConfidentG Agile GDPR Compliance Management application enables defining and leveraging continuous Rules and Controls monitoring as well as delivers streamlined and automated approach for Integrated Risk Mapping. These automated cutting edge functionality not only reduces Audit time, but also gives complete visibility and Transparency of your GDPR Compliance process.

In our next post we will discuss how the platform intuitively monitors and tracks GDPR Rules and Controls. Stay tuned !

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