Tracking & Monitoring GDPR Rules with Agility, Confidence and Artificial Intelligence

Efficient GDPR Compliance Management encompasses vital processes like Integrated Risk Mapping, Gap Analysis, Policy and Procedure Tracking and conducting Compliance Audits. In our previous post, we discussed about Integrated Risk Mapping and Compliance Testing. With this post we discuss how monitoring GDPR Rules and Controls is a continuous process that can be efficiently and effectively done using Compliance Automation tools.

The GDPR Rules cover key areas of Privacy rights, Data Security, Data Control and Governance and are specifically about

  • Understanding of Consent
  • The right of Access Requests
  • The right to erasure
  • Lawfulness of processing and
  • Notification of personal data breach

ConfidentG Agile GDPR Compliance Management application is built by leveraging Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence that enables having a secure and customizable format  for storage Personal Data. For addressing each of the above GDPR Rules, the application has the ability to

  • Implement Safeguards to keep data for additional processing
  • Implement Security based on risk assessment and encryption
  • Erase rase data from all repositories when Data subjects revoke their consent / A service or agreement comes to an end
  • Conduct a full risk assessment
  • Notify authorities within 72 hours of policy violation
  • Indicate the consequences of the breach

With powerful implementation of Automation, Artificial Intelligence powered Reporting and easily customizable Page Layouts for Compliance Policies, ConfidentG Agile GDPR Compliance Management makes GDPR Compliance an Intuitive and Cost-Effective Process. GDPR provides a good opportunity to step up any Organization’s Information Security capabilities to meet the regulation’s requirements. When tackled with Agility, Innovation and Automation, it does not remain a check-the-box activity, rather becomes a Competitive Advantage.

Stay tuned for more posts on Compliance, Risk Management and Audit Automation posts !

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